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Sep 29, 2016 at 11:20 AM

New SCN: what is the appropriate primary tag for content posted here


I was just wondering what primary tag to use in the future, when the migration to the new SCN is finished.

Looking in the openBeta I found the following primary tags related to Quality Management:

Software Products:

  1. SAP ERP Quality Issue / SAP ERP Quality Issue for iPhone
  2. SAP Quality Issue Management
  3. SAP Data Quality Management

Then there is one in category Software Product Function:

  1. PLM Quality Management (QM)

I would assume that the last one (PLM) is the one to use... and as it is the last in the looooooong drop down selection when entering "Quality Management" in the primary tag selection I can already see the chaos coming...

Has anyone found a kind of mapping list with "old SCN Forum" -> "new SCN Primary tag"?