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Sep 29, 2016 at 07:53 AM

Tag for "SAP Real Estate Management"


SAP Real Estate ManagementIn old SCN there was a space "Real Estate Management" as single point of entry for all topics related to Real Estate Management.

I am looking for the same in the new SCN. But when I enter "Real Estate" as search term for the primary tag I get a list of topics for special functionalities related to Real Estate. I cannot find the tag "SAP Real Estate Management" that represents the whole topic and works as single point of entry as before in the old SCN.

The entry "FIN Real Estate" which seems to be thought of the generic one for Real Estate is the last one in the list and can only be seen when I scroll down.

Could you please suggest how to improve this to get the tag "SAP Real Estate Management" on top of the list for the "Real Estate Management" topic.


Tags1.jpg (47.5 kB)
Tag2.jpg (49.4 kB)