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Sep 29, 2016 at 04:56 AM

SAP NBPM - PI 7.4: Unable to Send messages at Target system- No Error messages in NBPM



I am trying to send messages from NetWeaver BPM (NBPM) - 7.4 version to Third part WebService and the messages are not received in ThirdParty WebService.

WebService Link is up and running and no messages were received at Target WebService / Application.

NWA Monitoring:

1. Message Monitoring (NWA) : No errors found and Messages processed successfully and delivered to BPM

2. Manage Process (NWA) : No errors found and messages delivered to Target WebService

Status - OK

LifeCycle: Completed

Process Subject: Pool 0

3. History Tab: No errors all looks Ok.

Please help me how to fix this / how to troubleshoot this issue.