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Sep 28, 2016 at 01:38 PM

Issue with Newjersy state's EE Family leave Insurance Tax.


Hi Team,

We are facing an issue with Newjersey state payroll taxes. We have BSI interface.

At present there are three payroll taxes for NJ State employees and are showing in employee’s Payslip.

1. NJ Withholding Tax

2. NJ EE HLth, Disbility &

3. NJ EE Family Leave Insur

According to BSI, “NJ EE HLth, Disbility & “ includes

A.) EE Unemployment tax,

B.) EE Disability,

C.) EE Work Force DEV, and

D.) Family Leave Insurance.

That means it includes NJ EE Family Leave Insur in NJ EE HLth, Disbility line item.

NJ EE Family Leave Insurance showing a separate deduction line item. Also it is included in NJ EE HLth, Disability &... By this we come to know that NJ EE Family leave insurance is deducting two times.

Could you please advice on below queries.

1. How to restrict NJ EE Family leave insurance deduction has to be made for one time.

2. Also let us know the way to show up the below Taxes/Deduction separately in the Payslip.

A.) NJ EE Family Leave Insurance (FLI)

B.) NJ EE Unemployment (UI)

C.) NJ EE Disability (DI)

D.) NJ EE Work Force Dev (WF)

Thanks and Regards,