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Sep 28, 2016 at 12:46 PM

Dynamic queue name in graphical mapping UDF


Hi All,

Scenario is:

Sender File Adapter EOIO -> PI Graphical Mapping produces multiple IDOCS -> Receiver IDOC Adapter

I have seen plenty of posts which have asked this question and people say it can be done BUT I have only ever seen solutions using Java code in Adapter Modules (set sequenceID from the payload value). I have never seen a solution where the receiver queue name can be set manually using a UDF in a graphical mapping.

As a test I implemented a UDF which tried to access QUEUE_ID but on compiling get the error "cannot find symbol variable QUEUE_ID". Some posts suggest that the parameter QUEUE_ID is only accessible at run time and the mapping cannot be tested stand alone, however the mapping will not activate with the syntax error in the UDF.

In my scenario it is not feasible to determine the queue name in the sender adapter, only during mapping.

Any thoughts appreciated.