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Sep 28, 2016 at 09:45 AM

number of open indexes reaching 100%



I need help on Sybase Database parameter "number of open indexes".

While analyzing MIRO performance issue, we found that above parameter is reaching its limit.

I would like to know, if my observation is correct and will help in improving MIRO transaction performance.

Before this, we have done following changes for MIRO performance issue as recommended by SAP, but did not helped:

  • Created secondary indexes on MSEG, CIN, RBKP and RSEG Tables
  • Increased following memory parameters of database according to database size (266 GB)
    • Max Memory - 56 GB
    • Number of open partitions - 200000
    • Procedure cache size - 15 GB
    • Default cache size - 35 GB
  • Sybase patch upgrade from to

Pls. reply with your expert comments on above and also if any suggestions on improving performance of MIRO transaction as early as possible.



P.S: attaching sp_monitorconfig "all" output of production server for your ready reference.