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Sep 28, 2016 at 08:37 AM

Questions about customizing of costing variant / valuation variant for inventory costing


Dear Experts,

i have two questions regarding the customizing of a costing variant for inventory costing (tax-based valuation).

If you navigate to any valuation variant and go to tab Misc. (last tab) -- you may assign factors for relevancy to costing by clicking on the button "Price factors".

1. Question:

For the regular plan calculation the system uses valuation variant 001 (Planned Valuation: Material), but even if you assign valuation variant 001 in combination with a costing relevancy factor and maintain BOM/Routing the pricing factors (fix/variable) do not get picked up.

They do get used when i am using the valuation variant 003 (tax-based valuation) but not when i use valuation variant 001.

Any know why this is happening? Maybe valuation variant 001 is hard-coded so that you can not use costing relevancy / pricing factors for "planned valuation".

2. Question:

It is possbile to customize the valuation variant in combination with a plant to customize different behaviour based on plant specific needs.

If you choose any valuation variant and navigate to the tab Misc. where you can set the price factors (assignment of factors for relevancy to costing) and click on price factors --- it seems that this customizing is no longer possible on the plant level?

This my analysis correct? In table TCK10 (price factors for relevancy to costing) a column for plant is not available and in table TCK35 (valuation variant based on plant) there are no columns for price factors.

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards

David Mohn