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Sep 28, 2016 at 05:44 AM

BW Archiving Strategy for NLS Archiving


Hi, I have a few questions on a scenario of BW archiving using NLS: The client has a BW on HANA system. The NLS database is Sybase IQ. Due to huge data volume, Client has plans to shift old data (older than 2 years) from HANA to the NLS database. Challenge is that there are large number of open items in the system (dating back to more than 2 years) and which are still undergoing changes in the source system. We're going to archive based on "Fiscal Year" or "Posting Date". Data archiving processes (DAP) for standard DSOs / cubes offer only a limited set of "time" characteristics as primary archiving criteria and do not offer enough flexibility to apply additional business rules to segregate open items and prevent them from getting archived in BW. So,when they undergo changes in the source system and are subsequently loaded into the DSO / cube in BW, the data load will fail as those items will be locked under archive. Could you please suggest the following ? a) What archiving strategy is normally advised for standard DSOs / Infocubes where both closed and open items exist? b) In case any standard DSO / Infocube has old open items that can potentially undergo changes in the source systems, is there any way (standard / custom) you are preventing them from getting archived so that data load failure is avoided? c) If you have any suggestions on customizing the archiving process to handle the above situation, could you please share the same? Thank You, Anjana