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Sep 27, 2016 at 10:31 PM

LOAD TRAN with HEADERONLY output changes in ASE 16.0 SP02



Prior to ASE 16.0 SP02, our product parsed the output of the "LOAD DATABASE … WITH HEADERONLY" statement for the sequence dates to help order the transaction logs. For example:

sequence dates: (old=Sep 27 2016 8:57:54:580PM, new=Sep 27 2016 8:58:04:540PM);

With ASE 16.0 SP02, the "WITH HEADERONLY" output changed and no longer shows the seconds & milliseconds:

, Dump date: Sep 27 2016 1:45PM

Database page size: 2048.

, Database page size: 2048.

, First log page: 7668323

Checkpoint RID: (7668323, 21)

, Previous begin RID: (7668323, 9)

Sequence dates:

, Old date: Sep 27 2016 1:45PM

New date: Sep 27 2016 1:45PM

We have a customer with a production database that dumps multiple transaction logs in a minute when it is under very heavy load.

Is there a way to change the output for the sequence dates back to include seconds & milliseconds so that we can load the files in the correct order?