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Sep 27, 2016 at 03:29 PM

Site Inconsistency


After returning to the SCN Open Beta space page repeatedly over the last few months to jump into sections of the beta, I finally bookmarked the various entry points of interest in IE. Needless to say the page titles and icons shown in the image below leave me wanting for more of the 1DX promise. Keep in mind that I even tweaked the default names for a few of the bookmarks, but my point of feedback is more about overall community experience and less about expecting everyone using the community network to do it like me. SAP Relay is actually 'Messages', and I think Answers is duplicated in the browser page title...

For a few years now, my entry point for the community (of course when not clicking a link in Moderation emails or email notifications for specific pages that I watch very intentionally for updates and email notifications which is planned for post-launch) has been either a the SAP Fiori space page or more often the famous All Things SAP Fiori document, which is now redirecting to a repurposed wiki page (sorry for the look - the focus on recreating it was more about the content links and less about aesthetics). In my previous job focus on another topic, SAP MII, I used a similar tactic to get to the discussion forums and blog posts, but here it was the Content tab SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) because it showed all activity for the topic. Perhaps this can be addressed by the Tag page which I forgot to manually bookmark: ('All Community Content' would be the browser suggested title - no inclusion of the friendly tag name), but currently only seeing Blog and Question filters.

These days I spend quite a bit of time in the feed, simply to stay up to date on the beta chatter as the working day countdown to go live is in single digits.

So, my feedback is really concerning the lack of consistency in the page titles, site header (not all headers fully match, with Moderation being the special one). I have no idea what my community entry point for the 'SAP Fiori' topic will be after the launch, but the topic page is one idea to get the SSO kicked off, and then drill into the various content pieces of the blogs and discussion forums, or perhaps the new version of the communications feed. I looked at my bookmark picture above thinking I missed this link, but then realized it the shortcut called 'Activity Stream'. I know it is a personal preference and some members are more about blogs, some members are more about Q&A, etc. so I am curious to know where people plan to start their SCN sessions after the launch? For those of you who only have 15 minutes or so to spare when jumping into the community before/after work, during lunch, or on your private time, this is a key decision and I haven't figured out mine yet...happy to hear your thoughts.

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