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Global Template Management & 7.2 SP03?

Hi All,

I understand from many sources that the 7.1 Global Template Management concept is not fully functional as of 7.2 SP03 (or is it?). There some confusing information out there, some say, use branches as roll out projects, some say sites..etc. But till today, I have not come across a single comprehensive document which explains the concept of Template Management as of 7.2. Is this concept concept replaced in 7.2? (if so, how to use the new concept?) OR is it available as of SP03, but we do not know how to make use of it? OR is Template Management functionality yet to come to 7.2, may be in future releases?

I wish someone gives us a credible and a definite answer, not the bits and pieces of it that we have been getting so far.



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    Sep 27, 2016 at 12:48 PM Vivek,

    I am the SAP architect who built Global Template Management in 7.1. I also was architect in the 7.2 development of solution documentation. The short answer is: In 7.2 SP03 we offer the site concept for the global template management use case. The documentation is the one at the top of this reply. The editor doesn't allow me to put it here. Please also read the definition at the link Basic Terms and Concepts. This concept together with other concepts of 7.2 should be able to replace the existing Global Template Management functionality in many aspects. Some other aspects are still in development. If you describe a bit more in detail how you used Global Template Management in 7.1 I can explain how you should setup your solutionin 7.2.

    Kind Regards

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    • Hi Vivek,

      concerning your summary I need to add some comments from SAP side.

      @ point 1:

      The branch tree must be built up a bit different:

      Top branch is Production branch as you wrote. This has two child branches: Maintenance Branch and Development branch. Child branch of Development branch should be the Template branch. You can only release content from child to parent branch, not from parent to child and not from brother to brother. I think you need a Template branch that should hold everything that was in the template project in 7.1. This releases to the Development branch. In the Development branch local adaptions can be made. You should avoid brother branches as in your model Dev branch 1 and Dev branch 2. This will leed to many conflicts. This is only reasonable if you really have separate systems with parallel development as in the case of Maintenance and Development branch and landscape. Basically the branches should correspond to the system landscape. The separation between different locations should only be done using the Site attribute.

      @ point 3:

      We don't have a compare and adjust tool in 7.20. When I get you right you want to know which local extensions have been done to the template in development branch to see, which of them could be rolled in to the templates next wave, so other countries can benefit of them. I am afraid we cannot support this so far. It will be possible to generate a blueprint document in SP03. So you could do a manual comparison between the two word documents generated from Template branch and Development branch as a fall back. This might serve as a workaround until we have a more comfortable solution.

      Best Regards