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Sep 26, 2016 at 11:18 PM

Custom Object: Data Source & Test Data & OWL


HI all,

I created a Custom Object, defined a data source, XML PID and a web service.

A certain point, I updated the definition of my custom object by having 2 alternatives keys.

Now I'm facing the following strange behaviour:

  • I see 2 data sources on Business Analitics ==> Data Sources. Let call those data sources as follow
    • Data Source 1 ==> Original Data Source
    • Data Source 2 ==> Data source after changes on BO definition (extra alternative key).

  • Changes by mean of XML PDI are being store on data source 1 while changes coming web services are being stored on the data source 2.

  • Data sources 2 don't contain data available on first data source.

  • Data source definition is not the same: First data source don't reflect changes perform after the BO definition was made ==> It contains less attributes.

  • OWL of my custom business objects give result contained on data source 1.

  • Cleaning BO doesn't clean data sources

Can anyone explain me this?

It's possible to get only 1 data source + OWL result give the right result?

kind regards,