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Sep 26, 2016 at 04:27 PM

SOP & xml files import to sap


Hello to everyone.

That is my first post on SAP SCN, so.... sorry for any problems and failure to customs on your community or duplication of discussion that have already been posted.

My business scenario is...

I have to create for some of the clients in the system standard SOP procedure ( both for single material and product groups, but in fact i think it don't matter), till the moment of MRP run of course. For ROH and HALB, after MD02, I see in MD04 all necessary PurReq. That works perfect.

But in some cases company receives also from the client of us XML files with Sales Orders (imported to SAP).

My problem is that I don/t know how to avoid duplication of Pur Req.

If I will do standard SOP in the system, and then receive xml file with Sales Order, imported to SAP, will I see "double" Purchase Requisitions for ROH and HALB in MD04?

I would like to avoid those double PurReq .

Can you highlight for me how should I do it?

Of course point rewarded for discussion just after answer receive