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Sep 26, 2016 at 02:08 PM

Visualization of NOT input-ready cells in AO


Dear SCN-Community,

we are using Analysis for Office 2.3 in combination with BW-IP based on BW 7.4 to run a cost planning.

We defined one Bex Query with a structure in the columns that displays actual and planned data for different periods. Therefore parts of the AO-workbook are based on input-ready cells and parts are just readable cells. The structure contains 12 to be planned periods, but due to the selection only for certain periods planning records are available. But in the Excel-grid these unselected periods are formatted as input-ready cells. Now the user might step into the trap to enter figures in these cells and will get an error message from the backend.

In WebApplicationDesigner it is possible to activate a module called com. You can find this in SAP help under the following link: Example: Empty Cells as Non Input-Enabled Module - Business Intelligence - SAP Library

Additionally I created already an idea at the idea place but unfortunately only two votes:Display of input ready cells : View Idea

I'm looking for the same solution in AO, that non input-ready cells can be detected and accordingly be formatted.

Does anybody of you made the same experience and have a solution for me?

Kind regards,