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Sep 26, 2016 at 09:55 AM

Issue calling ds_generateMimeURL in SCN Community Component SDK



I'm in the process of trying to enhance Mike Howles' SCN Community excellent Choropleth map component, so that it can upload and use a geoJSON file (functionality that currently exists in the Leaflet Map component).

I'm new to the development of the SCN Community components, however after a long and steep learning cure 😕, I have finally got to the point where I have managed to upload a geoJSON file into the Design Studio repository - this was achieved through the use of the custom aps control "special-url", which I inserted into the code in VizMap.js as follows:

function VizMap(options){

var that = this;

var properties = {

mapData : {

value : "",

opts : {

desc : "GeoJSON File",

cat : "Mapping-Map Data",

apsControl : "special-url",

kind: "GeoJSON"


onChange : function(value){

var file = value;


var url = "/aad/" + ds_generateMimeUrl(file);




However, I am now getting the following error message when trying to call the ds_generateMimeURL() function (which returns the full path to the file in the DS repository):

'A JavaScript error occurred. 'ds_generateMimeUrl' is undefined ReferenceError: 'ds_generateMimeUrl' is undefined at properties.mapData.onChange (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at Anonymous function (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at updateProperty (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.components.sdk/resources/js/component.js?version=20160803120544:41:5) at dispatchProperties (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.components.sdk/resources/js/component.js?version=20160803120544:53:6) at dispatchProperties (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.components.sdk/resources/js/sdkcontrol.js?version=20160803120544:37:4) at update (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.components.sdk/resources/js/sdk_handler.js?version=20160803120544:72:4) at updateComponent (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.framework/resources/js/dispatcher.js?version=20160803120544:2469:3) at dispatchUpdateControl (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.framework/resources/js/dispatcher.js?version=20160803120544:1216:5) at dispatchDelta (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.framework/resources/js/dispatcher.js?version=20160803120544:104:5) at dispatch (http://localhost:55016/aad/zen.res/zen.rt.framework/resources/js/dispatcher.js?version=20160803120544:2103:4)'

This function call works just fine in the LeafletMap component (where the call to ds_generateMimeURL is invoked in the layereditor.js code).

I have checked that I am passing a valid file name (floor3.geojson) into the ds_generateMimeUrl() function, but I am obviously missing something fairly fundamental here.

I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction as to what I am missing here, as I appear to have reached the limit of my expertise at the moment!

Additionally, I am finding it very difficult to find where the various function definitions are made within the various modules - am I missing something in my Eclipse Setup which will help me navigate the SCN Community code structure?

Kind Regards,