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Sep 26, 2016 at 09:16 AM

Time Phased Safety Stock in Live Cache




To use Time Phased Safety Stock Planning (SS Method = MB) with CTM

Existing setup:

1) Existing Planning Version has Take Safety Stock into Account =3 (Consider Safety Stock Requirements in SAP LiveCache)

2) CTM Profile > Supply Control has 'Build Up Safety Stock' option not selected.

3) Product Master has Safety Stock Method as MB

4) Key Figure "Safety Stock (Planned)" (InfoObject 9ASAFETY) added in Planning Area and Data View.


With SS Method SB and using program /SAPAPO/RRP_SR_ATP_GENERATE I am able to generate Safety Stock demand. But with SS Method MB and setup as mentioned above system is not generating Safety Stock demand even if values are maintained for Keyfigure - Safety Stock (planned) in Planning Book.

I checked some material available over net which says SS Method MB can be used only if Planning Version has Take Safety Stock into Account =2 (Consider Virtual Safety Stock Elements). Any help to use SS Method MB to generate SS Requirement in Live Cache will be much appreciated

Thanks and regards,

Devang Shah.