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Sep 26, 2016 at 08:49 AM

Reverse disbursement FNM3 reconciliation not accepted


Dear Guru's,

When we disburse a contract (type general loan) and we reverse it there is no issue. However we disbursement a contract with condition type 212. This condition is linked to flow type 3145 and is posting on the customer account against a balance sheet.

We had to define offsetting which we no impact on accounting since we linked the offsetting flow types (3345 and 3375) to the balance sheet account of the granted loan.

However if we reverse the loan, this is not possible. Due to the fact we can't post directly to the reconciliation account. The error message as such is logic, since the 446-account is indeed a customer, but why is the system not cancelling the original posting which is in fact posted on the customer

See a few screenshots below in order to clarify the setup that we we have done:

And the account determination

We are using this account determination in order to elminate the impact on account of these flow types

We get the following error message:



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SCN1.jpg (65.7 kB)
SCN3.jpg (84.2 kB)
SCN4.jpg (92.8 kB)