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Sep 25, 2016 at 10:17 PM

Parallel Processing of messages in AIF using Runtime Configuration group


Hello All,

I am trying to group messages and do parallel processing of messages in AIF, by using Runtime Configuration group. But I am not sure what am I missing here or my understanding on this configuration is incorrect. It is not working as expected.


Say, I have 20 messages to be processed in AIF. I would like to collect these 20 messages in a run and execute it via 2 background jobs asynchronously. So I created a configuration like below.

20 messages in a single run, and 2 packages to create create 2 background jobs with 10 messages in each. But always I could see that the number of jobs created is equal to twice the number of messages. Say if 20 messages are to be processed, then 40 jobs are created ( 2 per message - 1 Run, 1 Package).

Could you please provide your thoughts on this.

Thank you in advance.




Untitled.png (22.9 kB)