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Sep 25, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Raw Materials Planning with Variant Configuration..!!


Hello Experts,

My client is manufacturer of industrial belts and currently he is working on MTO scenario.

Requirement :

1. They want planning of raw materials at the time of creation of sales order because they don't know which raw material will be available at the time when SO will come.

Example : Component A may have alternatives Components B,C,D,E & F so at the time of creation of SO, system should give these options

2. They also want to maintain scrap quantity in sales order and according to that the requirement should flow to the child parts.This Scrap is only generated while doing particular set up of belt length.

I think with the help of variant configuration this requirement can be fulfilled .

I have created a Characteristics: Variant part where i will assign the alternative components as Values.So at the time of creation of SO, System allows to select alternate material. and for that i wrote a dependency.

As there is super bom , is it possible to write such a dependency where I can select only those components which met specifications and put some constraints on selection method of BOM.


BOM structure is

Header Material is Component A

Component Length Breadth Thickness

1 1000 100 15

2 1500 100 20

3 2000 150 30

4 2500 200 50

5 1000 100 15

So according to the specifications i want to write dependency , curently while taking MRP run system is generating requirement for all components.

As the volume is very high will this approach work ?

What will be the impact on business and challenges if we change current process and move to variant configuration?

I have already posted this thread in PP forum

Appreciate if you can help me in this scenario..!!


Amit Sharma