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Sep 24, 2016 at 10:26 PM

Hive - Complex data types not generating in DDL


Hi. I'm looking for some help with creating complex data type for the Hive PDM. The DDL that is generated does not include the abstract data type.

Here are the steps:

I've created a Hadoop Hive 1.0 PDM. I created the below abstract data type:

I then used it as a data type for a column:

I then created a new DDL by selecting the menu item 'Generate Database...'.

The Data type I created is selected to be part of the DDL.

The new data type I created is not included in the DDL and the data type of the column that was using it is set to:array < decimal(10,0) >:

I'm not sure if this is going to help but here is the Summary tab of the Database Generation dialog:


Script name : "HadoopTest7.sql"

Path name : "C:\Users\abc\Documents\Products\PowerDesigner\PowerDesigner Projects\Scripts\"

One file only

Generation type: Script



Create table

Check inside table

Physical options

Drop table

Begin Script

End Script


Default Value


[Primary key]

Create primary key inside table

Physical options

Drop primary key

[Alternate key]

Create alternate key inside table

Physical options

Drop alternate key


Create index

outside table

Physical options

Drop index


Index Filter:

Primary key : false

Foreign Key : true

Alternate Key : false

Cluster : true

Others : true



Owner Prefix

Character case: Mixed case

Encoding: ANSI (Active Code Page)

Am I doing something wrong or could this be a bug?


ScreenShot444.jpg (31.1 kB)
ScreenShot445.jpg (23.8 kB)
ScreenShot447.jpg (14.4 kB)
ScreenShot446.jpg (18.5 kB)