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Sep 24, 2016 at 07:23 PM

Appeon - IWA - Terminate Session / Display 'You have been logged out.'


Greetings All,

To prevent users from tying up licenses, I am attempting to implement something that will ideally:

1) Terminate the session on the Appeon Server

2) Display a message to user stating that you have been logged out.

3) Possibly display a message prior stating 'Click Okay to Stay Logged In.'

I tried putting 'Halt Close' in the Idle event and after the threshold has been reached, the application just vanishes.

And I don't see any Appeon Extended Functions that address what we seem like a required function. I don't want people complaining that they cannot log in because there are a bunch of IWA applications sitting idle. Also, I want to set the timeout period based on other factors than just at the application level.

Also, if I have done even one transaction when the application terminates using 'Halt Close', I get "Appeon.Server.Services.TransactionServices.TransactionException: Transaction has timed out. The transaction has rolled back: sqlca at..."

Which is odd because I have never see this error in an Appeon Web Application in the browser.

Anyway, I run the IWA again and the transaction does not appear to be rolled back. And I use commit; where needed so not sure what is going on.

All I do know is that I don't users to see there messages.

Thanks for any suggestions!!