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Sep 23, 2016 at 10:46 AM

Object WORKITEM - Read the archived data


Hi All,

I have archived the work item using object WORKITEM and now I need to retrieve those work items. The standard program RSWWARCP and RSWWARCR gives all data & huge data. It will take more time to find the required data/fields.

So I planned to develop the custom program to read the archived work item and display only required fields of the work item. My doubt is,

1. Is Archive info structure must to read the archive data?

2. Without activating the archive info structure can I read the archived data?

3. Will data get filled automatically in archive info structure without fill the structure in the tcode SARI- Status management?

4. Can we read workitem thru Archive link tables ?

5. There is no archive link/ link table for object WORKITEM in tcode OAC3. Can we create the archive link entries for the object WORKITEM? If yes, which is good way to read the read the archived work item:- Archive info structure or thru Archive link?

I've read Data archiving documents in Help.Sap but still it my doubts are not resolved.

Please suggest.