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Sep 23, 2016 at 08:21 AM

DELVRY vs. DESADV vs. delivery unit



I have a question regarding creating DESADV-messages on the base of DELVRY05-idocs.

I have a sales order where the customer orders an item with unit "box". Base unit of the material is "piece".

That means the sales order and the delivery are created with unit "box". During the packing process the handling unit is created with the base unit "piece".

In the DELVRY05-idoc the packed quantity in the L.37-segment is "piece", so the DESADV message will be created with "piece" as well.

The problem is that the customer sent an order with e.g. 1 box, but we're sending 10 pieces within the DESADV. That is not acceptable by some customers. They expect the same unit as they sent in the order before.

Is there an easy way to manage the unit during the packing of a delivery? Or do we have to modify the DELVRY-idoc during creation?