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Former Member
Sep 22, 2016 at 08:54 PM

Creating a Dynamic List


I am new so i apologize upfront for being a newbie. I have need of creating a report with dynamic fields. What i need for the report to do is if there is a value in that field to enter the title and value, if not then go to next field and enter that information if there is a value etc etc etc. Building a list as it runs.

For example of output:

field 1 xxxxx

field 3 xxxxx

skipped field 2 because the value was 0 but put the line in the spot that would have had field 2. I have about 30 Fields that i need to sort in a report but don't want them to show for each customer unless they have a value in the field.

Is this possible and if so can i get some detail on how to create the formula/parameter what ever i need to complete this task?

Thanks in advance!!!