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Former Member
Sep 22, 2016 at 06:54 PM

Deployment converting UoM


Hi Experts,

The base unit of measurement for the product is maintained as SET, in both source and dest. Locations, when the product is being loaded in planning book the unit is showing as SET only.

PurReqs has been created during heuristics for 100 and when checked the unit is of SET only.

Conversion in product master is 1 SET = 10 PCE. Rounding value is maintained as100 sets.

While checking in deployment Log the distribution demand is showing as 10 SETs instead of 100 sets. The distribution demand (100 which is in SET already) taken for the deployment is again converted to SET and the demand is taken as 10 SETS.

Since demand (10 SETs) is less than the rounding value (100 SETs) deployment is not confirming the demand.

Can you please provide your views in this ..are we missing any configuration while using UOM other than PCE. Thanks in advance.