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Sep 22, 2016 at 04:42 PM

Location Interchangeability with configurable process scheduling



we are having location Interchangeability scenario, when customer orders product it checks for available quantity in location A and if stock is not available then it checks for requested quantity in another location. configurable process scheduling is used to determine delivery dates.

In the below scenario, customer has ordered for product A for 200 Qty. since only 184 Qty is available in 1130plant remaining qty is allocated from 1111 plant.

If a product is delivered from 1130 plant lead time is 2 days and if the product is delivered from 1111 lead time is 8 days and the condition record is maintained for the same

However when the product is allocated from 1111 plant it uses lead time of 1130 plant itself. correct lead time is not determined in this scenario.

Is this a standard functionality ? .is there any custom development for obtaining correct lead time for item no 12 ?




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