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Inspection report does not show unvalued characteristics

Hello QM colleagues !

I'm trying to execute inspection result report in tcode QA33 for an inspection lot but it only show the characteristics valuated, the characteristic unvalued doesn't appear .I expected that these unvalued characteristic appear without value, but It does not occour.

Can you explain to me if my expectation is correct or I'm wrong and if I'm wrong, how can I solve it ?

Thank you very much for your help.



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2 Answers

  • Feb 09, 2017 at 10:37 PM

    Your expectation is wrong.


    SAP only provides the reports as examples as to what to do. They expect that they are ugly enough that you will have to copy them and adopt them for your own use.

    That said, the report is probably only reporting against table QAMR which is where the results are stored. But no record is created here until you actually record a result. To see the complete list of expected tests, you have to look at the QAMV table.

    Even if there is a result, SAP may have the stipulation in their report that only those with a status of 5 are reported. That makes sense as until status 5 is set, there is no guarantee that the results won't change and as a result you could have an incorrect hardcopy floating around the plant with unreviewed data. That's usually not a good thing. I would suggest that if you allow the printing of unvaluated values, you mark them with an asterik or something and print out something like "**this result not fully reviewed or approved" on the report

    If you want to see tests with no result recorded, you will need to modify the report to report all the tests in the QAMV table, not just those in QAMR.

    Also, the QAMR and QAMV are not the only results and specs tables but they are the most common. If you use other types of features, you might find other tables involved like QASR, QASV and QASE used for physical sample functionality.


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  • Feb 10, 2017 at 09:45 PM

    Hello Craig ! Thanks for answer.

    I was testing and I already can see all inspection caracteristics in inspection report for a inspection lot, I only valuated two characteristics and I force the others without valuation , and I can see the inspection report complete althout the usage decision haven't be taked.

    Problem solve



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    • Yes, that is because when you force close the characteristics without a result, you are creating that record in the resutls recording table QAMR table. (Or QASR). Now that it exists in that table the report finds it.

      Most places don't like to have forced closed characteristics as a standard practice. It's too easy for people to get in the habit of closing tests and then some day they will close one that should have had a result.