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Sep 22, 2016 at 06:34 AM

variable iv_filter_string with wrong brackets


Hi, in our UI5 apps with ODATA Services we have complicated search strings with or. We know we have to handle them in our code and will not get select options. But the variable iv_filter_string has not the format I expected. Sample with Service CB_GL_ACCOUNT_DP Request in gateway client /sap/opu/odata/sap/CB_GL_ACCOUNT_SRV/GLAccounts?$filter=substringof('11',GLAccountName) or substringof('11',GLAccount) Breakpoint in Method at the first statement METHOD /iwbep/if_mgw_appl_srv_runtime~get_entityset. Value of variable iv_filter_string, when You run the url ( ( substringof ( '11' , GLAccountName ) or ( substringof ( '11' , GLAccount ) ) First there are more brackets than given in the url. Second the brackets are wrong. The expression will not work. There are solutions with deleting all brackets, but I don't want to parse the string. I only want to replace for instance substring() with like. Has anyone else this problem? Thanks for Your help. Greetings Kerstin