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Sep 21, 2016 at 10:54 PM

Unable to load proper BEGDA and ENDDA from HCM to IDM


Hello Experts,

We are using SAP IDM 7.2 SP10 with Oracle Database with a custom query in HCM.

While loading employee data from HCM to IDM, we observe that few employees who have multiple P0000-BEGDA and P0000-ENDDA in HCM, didn't get correct P0000-BEGDA and P0000-ENDDA in IDM HCM staging area database (mcIdstore =2).

Attached the screenshot for reference.

This is the HCM infotype 1 screenshot. Here it is clearly visible that user ABCD has multiple Start Date (P0000-BEGDA) and End Date (P0000-ENDDA). Now when I loaded this user from HCM to IDM then I found that ABCD got following value in HCM staging area database

P0000-BEGDA [20170523-99991231]23.05.2017 P0000-ENDDA [19000101-20170522]22.05.2017

P0000-BEGDA got 23.05.2017 value in HCM staging area which is correct but P0000-ENDDA got 22.05.2017 value which is incorrect. The correct value should be 31.12.9999

Please suggest the fix so that it will read the correct value for BEGDA and ENDDA from HCM.


C Kumar


HCM.jpg (147.9 kB)
IDM.jpg (86.8 kB)