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Sep 21, 2016 at 03:19 PM

BIP 4.1 SP7: Unable to retrieve the dataource configuration



  • BIP 4.1 SP7, patch level 5, Windows 2008 distributed, virtualized on VMWare
  • On 9/17 we recently upgraded our production environment from SP5 to SP7
  • Immediately upon brining the system back up....
    • Scheduled jobs based on universe(.unx) data sources are failing intermittently
    • Error: Unable to retrieve datasource configuration
    • Users can go in and sometimes do a 'Run Now' and receive Success, or multiple Run Now's with eventual Success
    • See attached error screenshot
  • Occurs against universes connections to Oracle, SQL, Hadoop (behavior independent of backend datasource)
  • Doing on demand refreshes occurs as well....but extremely rare
  • We scheduled 4 test reports against these universes and set recurrence to every 5 min.
    • Experienced the same error on within the first 5 attempts
    • Successful runs since...letting it run 24 hours
  • SAP Support Message 314915 should any SAP Support sees this thread

Because of the intermittent nature of the behavior I am thinking it is tied to a specific WebI Proc (we have four of them). I have not cracked the code on how you tie together Audit data to show which JobProc "Run" even ties to a specific WebIProc "Refresh" event.


1) The connection binaries in the WebIProc's got corrupted somehow during the Support Pack upgrade.

2) Corba communication between JobProc and WebIProc is being disrupted (would not explain On Demand errors)

3) Lingering cache files of some kind

Looking for ideas.



Text so it shows up in search

Unable to retrieve the datasource configuration : java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method com.crystaldecisions.enterprise.ocaframework.IProxyHandler.invoke(java.lang.reflect.Method, java.lang.Object[], java.util.Map) of a null object loaded from field or an object loaded from local variable 'this'(Error: INF )