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Sep 21, 2016 at 05:17 AM

QM - Warehouse Dependent Inspection Object Type



short question:

When I want to activate QM, I need to setup my external QM system in SPRO

Cross-Application - QIE - Central Settings - Communication - Define External QM System

Here's already one "SAP_ERP_QM"

Then I define my sytem(s) under Installation, for DEV, QA and PRODUCTIVE system, right?

Now, next step is the warehouse depended configuration

EWM - Cross-Processing - QM - Basics - Warehouse Dependant Activation of Inspection Object Type

Here I need to link for specific IOT, warehouse number my installation:

What do I need to enter here? As only warehouse number and IOT are key fields of the table, I only can link one installation. So how to proceed with my different ERP systems (DEV, QA and PROD)?

This should be ongoing setting for every system, no need to transport? Or do I need to create an external QM system in first SPRO for each installation?

Thanks for a hint



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