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Sep 20, 2016 at 04:49 PM

Summarisation issue


Hi, wonder if someone can spot the answer to this?

Please have a look at the 2 simple screenshots attached.

Screenshot 1 shows the numbers I want, when there is a drill down by TYPE. Measure A shows 455.75 which is correct. I know it is correct, because when I drill down by Article (which is what the variables are based on) these are the total values I get.

BUT when the TYPE drilldown is removed, as in screenshot 2, both measures show 5,913.6 which is the total of A and B in screenshot 1.

Here are the current variable definitions:

Measure A = [Disc] Where ( [Type POS] = "POS" )

Measure B = [Disc] Where ( [Type PERM] = "PERM" )

Dimension [TYPE] = If ( [Article - Key] InList ("90000054";"90000117") ) Then "POS" Else "PERM"

Dimension [Type POS] = If ( [Article - Key] InList ("90000054";"90000117") ) Then "POS"

Dimension [Type PERM] = If Not ( [Article - Key] InList ("90000054";"90000117") ) Then "PERM"

Without these last 2, screenshot 1 showed the same values for both A and B even with the drilldown by TYPE.

For your information, the WebI is based on a BW Query.

I may well be missing something obvious but.... any help much appreciated 😊




2.jpg (5.2 kB)
1.jpg (8.0 kB)