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Sep 20, 2016 at 02:12 PM

Exit Plugin


Hi guys,

We have the next requirement: when our webdynpro is started, we need call another webapplication and show in the same window. I used the exit plugin and it is working. I need pass some values to this site using json or xml format, because authentication must be done automatically, but the only parameter that the fire_plugin_exit has available is the url. I can not pass this values on url for security questions.

I saw that is possible set the cookie of client side using bsp, but how can I set this cookie, and call the another webapplication?

I tried set the cookie of client side in webdynpro on method wdinit before the call another url using exit plugin, but it is not working. Could someone help me? Or give me a suggestion to do this by another way?

Best regards,