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Former Member
Sep 20, 2016 at 02:15 PM

eSourcing Windows system copy


Hello Experts,

We have an eSourcing environment set up on a Windows server that is running the Oracle database for Netweaver, Netweaver, and the eSourcing application (the database for eSourcing is on a different server).

We would like to clone the entire Windows server to set up another instance of eSourcing for development, without having to reinstall everything (Oracle, Netweaver, etc). If the server is cloned, there are things that have to be changed like anything that references an IP address, the SAP ID of the instance, and any server specific information in the Netweaver database.

Does anyone have information on how this can be done without having to do a full reinstall of the software?

We are on eSourcing version 9, SP18. Netweaver 7.3.

Thank you,