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Sep 20, 2016 at 12:08 PM

103 Movement Type Issue : 2LIS_03_BF


Dear Friends

Please tell me how can I get GR Blocked Qty from 0IC_C03 Cube?. I'm getting all values and Qtys but I'm facing the problem in this GR Blocked Qty only, the movement types are 103 and 104. This documents numbers it self is not picking from 2LIS_03_BF datasource in ecc,

how can we get it in BF, if at least I get Material document number then based on that I will enhance the datasource.

In ECC we can see it in MMBE --> GR Blocked QStock Qty.

Note: in MB51 we can see the movement type wise 103 and 104 data, th same I need, why BF datasource is not picking that movement types data from ECC.

Please suggest if any setting to be made in OMJJ tcode. In many of posts it is simply said make setting/changes in OMJJ but not given what changes to be make.

And also please suggest if by doing those setting will it have any impact in ECC proces?

Please need help in detail about setting of OMJJ and processing keys (On what setting to do)

Thank you,