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Sep 20, 2016 at 12:04 PM

Restricted Key Figures in Infochart



We use Bex Query 7 based Data Sources in our Design Studio 1.6 SP0 reports.

In one of our reports we use an Infochart based on the following Data Source A:

In our Data Source A we use Characteristic X in the rows. In columns we use restricted key figure based on Characteristic Y.

In the "on select" property of InfoChart we want to filter another Data Source B with both Characteristics X and Y.

There is no way to approach Characteristic Y with the standard infochart.getSelectedMember("Characteristic Y"), since it is only used in

restricted KF, and not in the Data Source itself. Adding Characteristic Y to the Data Source in the background filter did not help to solve the issue.

In our WAD reports drill downs (using rsbbs), we are able to transfer Y from query to report with no problems.

Any suggestions on how to implement a filter , based on Characteristic Y in the "on select" property of Infochart?

Thank you for the help,

BW Team