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How to check the table row field value dynamically in adobe interactive form.

Hi experts,

I have to read a table row based upon user inputs in other table.

I have checked many posts in SCN and tried to solve the issue. I tried to code it like below. It isn't working at all. Solution urgently needed.

var item_row_count = data.Page1.Item_details.Body.all.length ;

for ( var i = 0 ; i<item_row_count ; i++ )


if ( this.EBELP.rawValue = data.Page1.Item_details.Body[i].EBELP.rawValue )


this.TEXT_VALUE.rawValue = data.Page1.Item_details.Body[i].TEXT.rawValue ;



Here I have written the code on DATA.

NB - "Item_details" is another table declared previously and "Body" is the bodyrow of that table. I want to update the "TEXT_VALUE" field for each line item of "Table" if the EBELP is similar with the EBELP of "Item_details" table. This is a offline interactive form.

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2 Answers

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    Feb 10, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    Have a look at my document on adobe scripts,

    Adobe Forms using Javascript

    var IMTEST = xfa.resolveNodes("$record.IM_TEST.DATA[*]");
    var LV_DATA;
    for( var i =0; i < IMTEST.length; i++ )
         LV_DATA = xfa.resolveNode("$record.IM_TEST.DATA["+ i +"].FIELDNAME").value;
    INDX : index of table record. (start from zero).
    LV_DATA : variable to hold data
    IM_TEST  : context table variable (Import parameter variable)
    FIELDNAME : name of field in internal table

    Hope this helps

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  • Feb 11, 2017 at 05:55 AM

    Hi Prajesh,

    I have already tried to write this scripts you mentioned. But in my scenario, I have to read the table1 field value dynamically from another table (table2).

    The requirement is - if user enters EBELP in table2 , the EBELP has to be read and check the TEXT_VALUE for that EBELP from table1 and then have to be displayed in the table2 TEXT_VALUE field for the corresponding EBELP.

    Thanks in advance.

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