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Sep 20, 2016 at 05:36 AM

Cash Sale Scenario


Hi All,

I have never worked on Cash Sales before. I'll first state what all i have done and then come to the issues that i am facing.

1. Created an account group for one time customer: copied from standard

2. Document type for cash sale created by copying Standard

3. Item category created by copying standard cash sale item category

4. Copy control setup between order and delivery & order & billing (Immediate delivery checkbox selected previously)

5. Setup a partner function ZC and assigned to ZCSH partner procedure

6.Output determination: RD03 standard with ZC assigned to it

Now, when i am trying to create an order with VA01, i have the following queries:

1. Since there is no sold to party (one time customer defined), the Sold to party and ship to party are grayed out, which i suppose is correct. But, i read on the forums that there is a popup for entering the one time customer address and details while in VA01 which i'm not getting.

2. There is no partner function tab coming in the header

3. The pricing condition tab picks up the output determination procedure instead of the pricing procedure assigned to the sales area. And since this output procedure (standard V10001) does not have any condition types, i'm getting Net value missing error while saving the order.

Kindly suggest how to pick pricing for cash sales scenario.

Thanks & Regards,

Pranay Suyash