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Sep 19, 2016 at 10:03 PM

Backend system (ES4) is not showing up in web ide


Hi All,

I think I have posted my question in wrong forum (SAP Fiori). So, re-posting here.

I am trying to create a new project in sap web ide using the SAP Fiori application template. I selected the 'SAP Fiori Master-Detail Application' in the first step. In the second I entered the project name and in the third step when I try to do the data connection I am not able to see the 'System' details when I am in 'Service Catalog'.

I have the ES4 system successfully configured earlier. To prove that when I select the 'Service URL' on the left then it is showing the ES4 system details. 😊

Thanks for your help in advance.



System coming.JPG (29.5 kB)