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Sep 19, 2016 at 07:19 PM

Need assistance with Crystal Reports Server before buying


I am currently in trial license for Crystal Reports Server and Crystal Reports. I am trying to just get 2 reports that I wrote in Crystal Reports published and working on Crystal Reports Server so a group of our employees can run these 2 reports from the Web Portal. I have the reports saved up to the servers, but when they are launched, I have 2 problems I need to resolve:

1> It prompts me for the username and password for the DB that the report runs against. Where can I save those credentials so that the employees won't need to enter them?

2> I only have 2 parameters in each of the 2 reports I have. "Start Date" and "End Date". When I click on the paremeters after running the report, it does prompt me for the values I want for Start Date and End Date, then it want's usename and password for DB that the report runs against and then it just repeats itself. Meaning, it asks for Start and End Date, then DB credentials, then Start and End Date again, then DB credentials again....It never stops prompting me for those. When I run the report locally from just Crystal Reports, I do not have this issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I need to get these reports working ASAP and will begin the procurement of Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Server once I can show management that this is a good solution instead of our out of the box reports.