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Sep 19, 2016 at 02:19 PM

AD Authentication and CMS queries


HI all,

I have installed a Crystal Server 2016 SP03 system and set up AD authentication and SSO which works fine.

The DBAs of the CMS are reporting that there are very large numbers (about 2,000 per second) of SQL queries being fielded by the database, all in the format:

SELECT dbo.CMS_Aliases7.ObjectID FROM dbo.CMS_Aliases7 WHERE Alias = N'secwinad:7dcacf2677d2df41bacd4fc1d3e929bd:xxx' AND AliasIsTruncated = 0

The AD updates to aliases and groups are scheduled for every hour.

The AD updates only look for the users of one group (the 'domain users' group in this domain, containing about 2,000 users).

New users and aliases are set to be created only when a user logs on.

The queries being run against the CMS database do not appear to be affecting the performance of the system for end-users and scheduled reports, but they are concerning for the DBAs as we do not know whether the situation could deteriorate and affect other tables in the CMS or affect the performance of the SQL instance as a whole (including other databases and warehouses on the SQL Server machine).

I have set up AD and SSO before and not been aware of this issue, is it a bug or designed behaviour?