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Sep 19, 2016 at 11:57 AM

Batch split in Trading process and how to update J_1IRG23D table


Hello to all,

My Client's requirement is little bit different, they are into SS and MS sheet manufactuing. Batch management is active.

Till date they are using Standard flow of Trading process in SAP ie.

Material Master (HAWA) ->ME21N ->GRN ->J1IG -> Sale Order ->MB1B (412-E Mvt type) to transfer Unristricted Own stock to S.O stock ->Outbound Delivery(VL01N) ->Shipment (VT01N) -> PGI ->J1IJ -> Billing (VF01)

Everything is running fine but now the requirement is to include Sliting and packing process into this.

Material will come as Trading material say X with batch say X01 with say quantity 10 Ton. After this they will goint to take this material for production for slitting process and after complete processing multiple batches will be generated say Y01, Y02 and Y03 with same Material code X and quantity 2 Ton, 3 Ton and 4 Ton and scrap with different material code with quantity 1 Ton.

System updateds J_1IRG23D table with every J1IG and J1IJ transaction if I kept same material number and batch in J1IG and J1IJ.

But with this modification where it's need to change the batch number, system not updates this standard table.

Can this scenario be possible in SAP. and if upto which extent. Pl share your views.