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Sep 19, 2016 at 11:08 AM

WOCR and Wave Creation


Hello Experts,

Need clarity on the below topic.

I know that WO is an optimum work package and is a bundle of WTs which are bundled using WOCR.

Now wave is the picking mechanism used to bundle the items in the ODO based on picking area or methods of picking.

1) is it ODR or ODO which is undergoing WOCR...?

2) is ODR creates ODO upon undergoing WOCR....?

3) on what basis is WAVES created...?

4) On what basis is the ODO items assigned to the WAVE...?

5) Can we create a WAVE before shipment...? If so then do route determination has a role to play in WAVE Creation.

6) What is the flow of WOCR and WAVE creation...?

7) What is the role HU in WAVE creation...?

6) If waves combining ODO items...are these items are again each each WT...? If its WTs then , WOCR and WAVE both are having the same functionality or what...?

Sorry to put all these Qns , but even after reading many posts i couldnt get a proper understanding of ODR->ODO_>OD flow with WAVE and WOCR.

Could you please help me in this. Thanks.

Thanks in advance.