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Sep 19, 2016 at 07:50 AM

Return Warning Message in AIF check


Dear community

We are trying to return a warning message from an AIF check. We want to inform the user that there is an issue, but it should not stop the processing of an IDOC.

Therefore, we are adding the following message to the return_tab.

                   type   = 'W'
                   cl     = '/BLUM/COM_INT'
                   number = '009'
                   par1   = lv_error_par1
                   par2   = lv_error_par2
                   par3   = lv_error_par3
                   par4   = lv_error_par4
                   return = ls_bapi_return.

Additionally we do not set the error = abap_true flag.

When debugging the code, we can see that the message is added to the return_tab:

Unfortunately, AIF does not display the message, when it is returned as type W at all:

Although, if I'd return it as type E, it would show and also stop the processing.

Is it possible at all to return any message to AIF to warn/inform the user and continue processing?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards