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Sep 19, 2016 at 07:37 AM

Issue in Controlling Area Currency in New Asset Accounting


Hello, We are facing a currency integration issue for a new implementation. The system is on SAP ECC 6.0 (Ehp 8) and we are using New GL and New Asset Accounting. We have defined two currencies for the Company Code - Local currency and Global Company currency, both are in JPY while the Controlling area currency is EUR. In Asset Accounting, we have defined Depreciation areas in both Local (Dep Area 01- JPY) and Group currency (Dep Area 61 - JPY) to satisfy the product requirements of New Asset Accounting. When we release the Capital Project WBS, we are getting an error "The controlling area currency EUR is not managed in any of the depreciation areas of the asset under construction that is to be created. However, this currency is required for the capital investment measure" Standard solution suggested by SAP is to create a third depreciation area with a Controlling Area currency for the Asset class. We want to avoid creation of additional depreciation areas and also addition of a third controlling area currency in the Company Code global parameters is out scope. Please advise if you have an alternate solution. Thanks much in advance. Thanks and Regards, Dhawal Mehta