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Sep 19, 2016 at 05:23 AM

Issue in Pool Asset Managment



We are facing a strange issue such that we configured PAM on our Sandbox system. It worked fine. Then we transported the request to DEV server. Strangely it works fine on our DEV 200 client but gives error on DEV 220 client. We even transported the same request to QAS client and facing the same issue as on DEV 200 client.

Issue is as follows:

Notification created with type MF

After entering the Requestor and User, we provided the dates and selected the Pool

On selecting the Settlement tab we get following error:

Process PAM0 is not supported (QNF #1)

also on pressing Equipment button it says to maintain Account assignment.

As settlement tab not opening thus cannot enter Account assignment.

Note: on Sandbox and DEV 200 client the above issues were not encountered

Advise required.




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