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Sep 18, 2016 at 07:44 AM

SAP Data Services XI 3.2 and SAP BW 7.3


Hi experts,

I have a requirement to read data from SAP BW 7.3 in data services 3.2. Below 2 options I thought of using:

1. Extracting data from SAP BW through Open Hub

2. Direct importing the table in Data Servcies SAP BW Source datastore

For the first option I understand that I have to configure RFC. But my doubt is that I cannot see the option of 'RFC' in data transfer methods drop down of SAP BW Source datastore. So without that option how can RFC work?

For the second option I dont know how feasible it is to direct import table in datastore and use it in noraml dataflow.

Can anybody please provide some pointers? Really appreciate some help here.