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Former Member
Sep 17, 2016 at 11:10 PM

Consigment Stock issue


Hello Gurus,

We have an issue with one material which had been defined with Unit of issue in KG (MARC-AUSME = KG), when the inbound was carried out in LB (MARA-MEINS = LB).

Therefore, if we post a good receipt in KG the consignment stock is added in LB. Then, every single new consumption (movement type 411) is performed by the same amount added to the consignment stock, but in KG, causing a double consumption when it is again converted to LB.


Good Receipt - 10 KG

Consigment Stock added - 22 LB

Consumption - 22 KG

Consigment Stock reduction - 44 LB

Now we have a lot of pending storage units because the consignment stock is not enough to create new ones.

We can post a good receipt 501 (without purchase order), but then the physical inventory would be affected by every new consumption.

According with your experience, is there any alternative way to put in place available consignment stock and avoid to impact the inventory?

Thank you & Best Regards