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Sep 16, 2016 at 01:47 PM



Greetings Experts!

First, let me assure you we have tried all the things we found on SCN and via search engines for the 0ADHOC_TABLE issue with no success. Secondly, let me give you all the specs of what we have and where we are in hopes someone has the magic bullet to repair or solve our issue.

We are on BW 7.4 SP05 and have 4 environments, all using the ABAP stack.

1) Sandbox running on Hana, but not yet Hana optimized

2) Dev is fully prepped for Hana, with all data sources and load mechanisms as 7.x, BEx 3.x cleaned up and all old yada removed, as per SAP Hana "How to prep" typwe documentation

3) Our quality and production boxes are not Hana prepped except for all data sources and load mechanisms as 7.x

The problem is this:

In RSRT, with a valid BEx 7.x query in the "Query" field, "List" or "HTML" as the choiuce in the "Query Display", we hit the "ABAP Web" icon and get the following error in IE11:


Technical Information for Message:

Error loading template 0ADHOC_TABLE

Message Number BRAIN 276


Steps to troubleshoot:

1) We can run the same scenario with success in the Sandbox, Quality, and Production boxes with no issue. We have validated RSCUSTV21 and RSCUSTV27 values are the same in all environments and checked SPRO.

2) We cannot activate 0ADHOC_TABLE in our Dev box as it fails with a short text dump stating "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible."

3) We have tried to use the "Publish to Web" option in the BEx Query Designer, but that is another issue altogether; such that it is not applicable as a solution here.

Can anyone of the zillions of SAP experts out there help?

Thank you,

Kurt Dukes