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Sep 16, 2016 at 01:35 PM

Wave creation via PPF not considering immediate wave release option


Hey guys,

we are faced with a strange system behaviour of wave handling. We have set the release method to 'B'. When I create a wave with this template in SCWM/WAVE transaction and save it the wave gets released as expected.

However, in standard PPF (/SCWM/WHR_WAVE_ASSIGN_NEW) on ODO level a new wave with the same template is created but not released immediately (at least the status is still on I - Iniitial and no WTs are created). I can release this wave manually and have the WTs created.

Now it gets even better -

when I create another ODO with same product which would find the same wave the system checks the wave created before (which I did not release manually in this example) but does not consider it as is "has been released already" (remember - the status says still 'Initial').

Anybody who was faced with a similar behaviour? Any idea which settings are missing to have a correct release in background?

thanks in advance!



2016-09-16_PPF.jpg (55.0 kB)